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Blue Blood - The Hard Rock Band

I've started my musical journey in life with a rock band and it feels great to get back to my roots!!


This setup is for all those who  have rock running in their blood . . . Now get ready to bleed blue!!


The band consists of -

- Drummer - Cyrus Gorimar (founder and drummer of Brahma),

- Guitars, lead and rhythm - Siddhesh Borkar (young rocker and fabulous guitarist and song writer),

- Bass Guitar - Kunal Kambli (budding bassist and jazz lover)

- Vocals - Chin2 Bhosle (ummmm, uhhhhh, oh well . . . you know about me if you're reading this!)

(Guest musician on the album on Guitar, lead and rhythm - Ferzad Variyava (guitarist of Brahma and one of the best intuitive musicians that I know!))


Click here to hear the album - Fly

Click here to go to the Bands Website


Blue Blood

Progressively . . . Rock.




Twitter: vrblueblood

Instagram: vrblueblood


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