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The Music Academy


The objective of the Chin2 Bhosle MusicWorks (CBMW) Academy is to hook kids on to the magic of music making - in a fun way! Along with learning the guitars, drums, keyboards, tablas, vocals, etc. we are very clear that the kids must jam with us and other students so that they get a practical exposure to music playing and making. Jamming with professional musicians also ensures that the kids stay motivated and continue on their musical journey for as long as possible

'Rock You' - The BIS way! (stage show)
(where we had 18 kids playing on stage - 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 santoor, drums, 5 keyboards, 1 guitar, 1 harmonium and singers - rocking the audience!)
Our annual Jam session with our students
(all our students - no matter how basic or advanced - get together to play with each other and jam. This includes solo sessions and group jamming. The objective to make them realise that learning music is just the beginning and that there's lots more they can do with their knowledge!)

Our 'Introduction to Music' course consists of 12 sessions which ensures that your child gets a 'touch-feel' of every instrument and is in a better position to guage what he might want to take up from a more serious persepective

Our teachers are highly qualified and performing musicians who, along with theory, lay equal empahsis on the fact that your child must 'perform' his music too . . . Chin2 Bhosle MusicWorks teaches -


- Drums

- Keyboards

- Guitars

- Hindustani Vocals

- Tablas

- Flute

- Recorder

- Saxophone

- Violin . . . and some more!


Some of our projects captured on video
"Happyness" - Music Creation @ BIS
Here's a song written and performed by some of the kids at Bombay International School (under the aegis of CBMW). They dedicated it to their Principle and teachers who left this year. And earnestly passed on the message - "though we are sad to see you go, we know that you will be happy because Happy'ness is where you want it to be!"
"Smile" - Music Creation @ BIS
(where we encourage our advanced music students to apply their music knowledge (theory and practicals) and start composing original works )
Jingle for Renault
(where we can, we encourage our kids to sing for professional projects too. This one is for the car company Renault and is about road safety)
BIS Anthem - Rejigged
Moving with the times, the Bombay International School wanted to revisit their school song. So here's what we did with it and shot a video too. Super fun putting this together and great learning with the recording process for the kids of CBMW
Stan. Chart. Mumbai Marathon Awards Night
(where we got kids from economically challenged backgrounds (courtesy the Salaam Mumbai Foundation) to perform with us - definitely one of our more gratifying projects)
The Cup song (Anna Kendrick)
(and we love to try innovative stuff that will get the kids to think beyond the convenentional way of doing music - here are a bunch of 2nd Graders attempting something new and interesting)
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