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Detailed Sound Technical Rider


House Sound System (PA):

  • System shall be line array or Stacked.

  • System needs to have consistent frequency and amplitude coverage covering  the entire audience area that can be verified with measurement. This requires digital processing for covering areas of the venue.

  • The P.A. should be configured in Stereo, running through a 31 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer with a system controller/ crossover (3way/ 4way only)

  • The mixing console should be able to individually accommodate the following instruments inputs

    • Acoustic Guitar

    • Electric Guitar

    • Standard 5 piece Drum kit

    • Bass Guitar

    • Keyboard

    • Tabla and Indian Percussions

    • iPad (2 mono quarter inch)

    • 4 Vocal microphones


Instrument Requirement:

  • Chin2 Bhosle

- Vocals

* 1 Cordless Microphone with Stand

              [ V.IMP – The mic would be routed through the Vocal Processor - which will be placed next to Chin2 Bhosle.

Cabling must be done accordingly]

           - Guitar

                 - 1 Acoustic Guitar Amp (Roland)

  • Tabla and Indian Percussion

- Riser - 5ft x 4ft x 2ft

- Mics for Tabla, Tabla tarang, Thumba

- 2 wireless clip-on microphone for Dhol

- 2 microphones for other percussion


  • Drums & Djembe

- Riser - 6ft x 8ft x 2.5ft

- Standard 5 Piece Drum Kit

- Standard microphones

- 1 wireless clip-on microphone for Djembe

- 1 DI for electronic drum (1 quarter-inch mono output)

- 1 small table to accomodate mixer board


  • Electric Guitar

- Guitar Amplifier - Fender Twin Reverb 


  • Bass Guitar

- Bass Amplifier 250 W (Hartke)


  • Key Boards

- Fender Keyboard Amplifier


  • iPad

- 2 mono outputs (quarter inch) from stage

- Mike stand on which the iPad holder will be mounted


  • Microphones (excl. Chin2's cordless mic) – 3 corded with stands



Misc. On-stage:

  • Minimum 8 monitors with all necessary cabling

  • 1 monitor would be placed next to each musician,, 2 for drummer, 2 for Chin2 Bhosle (please note - only Branded monitors must be used)

  • Sufficient power supply points on stage for Instrument/ Vocal pedals (all Cables and power supply points/ boards on stage must be earthed)

  • 90 minutes would be required for the sound check - hence the system must be tested and ready (including the drums should be setup) before the Band comes for their soundcheck.




Reference Photo for musician placement and stage setup





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