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Furtados School of Music (FSM)


Chin2 has spent 5 years at FSM and has been the Content and Marketing Head at this very prestigious School of Music and has not just trained music teachers - Hindustani Vocals, Guitar and Keyboard teachers - on the pedagogy of music and how to make teaching fun and engaging but also helps in curriculum development to ensure that music is always fun for our students and that they keep music in their lives for as long as it takes!

For more information click here - Furtados School of Music

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Introducing for the 1st time in India, a Hindustani Vocal curriculum which has been conceptualised, designed and created solely with the aim of getting our students to become buddies with the subject and have looooooots of fun!!
The course has been developed, composed and arranged by Chin2 Bhosle and includes backing tracks and a super fun method of learning a subject which traditionally has been perceived as 'heavy' and cumbersome by most students making their foray into the subject.
Our students, on completion of Grade 1 would know/ have touched upon - 
- the 10 thaats
- Raags - Yaman Kalyan, Bhupali, Bilaawal
- Chords (how to form basic chords and accompany themselves as singers - Never done before!)
- Singing in sargam and aakaaar
- Singing in harmony (never done before!)
- Note values - western notation reading (rhythm,  pitch and accents)
- Song writing (elements of and how to write a song)
- Composing and singing aalaaps (raag based)
There has never been such a comprehensive Hindustani Vocal curriculum in this country and we can truly say that, with this curriculum, our students are not just assured but guaranteed that learning - Sangeet is Fun!! 
Keyboard Teacher training
Training workshops conducted in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai with over 50 teachers successfully trained and on-boarded as Keyboard teachers for Furtados High
Guitar Teacher training
Training workshops conducted in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai with over 70 teachers successfully trained and on-boarded as Guitar teachers for Furtados High
Workshops with Yamaha School of  Music teacher (and senior Trinity Examiner) -
Rowan Parker (from Scotland)
High Jam Sessions
The High Jams are performance opportunities designed exclusively for High Furtados students by Chin2 Bhosle. They provide the perfect platform to boost the student's confidence, help shed their inhibitions and give them a laid back atmosphere to showcase their skill set in the most outstanding manner.
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