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Performance - Terms and Conditions



To be discussed with the Organiser.

  • Imperative to note that 12.36% Service Tax will be added to the agreed upon Performance Fee


Payment Terms

50% advance payment upon agreement to perform.

50% to be paid before stepping onto stage (without which the Artiste will not be liable to perform)

Pls note: the balance payment must be either in cash or DD only – Cheque payment will not be accepted


  • If the Organiser cancels the show for any reason, the advance will not be refunded.

  • If the Artiste cancels the show, the entire amount will be refunded

  • If the Organiser postpones the show, the new date has to be mutually agreeable before being fixed. Please note that if the show is not done within a month of the original date, the show will be considered as cancelled by the Organiser and the advance money will not be refunded





1 Business Class ticket for the Artiste

6 Economy Class tickets for the Manager and Musicians


(Before booking the tickets the Organizer must confirm the travel dates and sector with the Artiste. If this is not done, the Organizer will be liable to pay for changes in  ticket bookings, if any)


2 A/C cars (Innova/ SUV type) for Airport pickup and drop and throughout the period of stay for the Team.


If the Team incurs any excess baggage expenses due to the musical equipment being carried for the show, the Organizer will be liable to reimburse the Team, in cash, for the same (before the show). The Airline receipt will be given to the Organizer for the said expense.




Travel Booking –

Names must be confirmed by the Organizer before making the booking else the Artiste has the right to demand that the ticket be re-issued if the booking is not made in accordance with the correct spelling. Any problems arising out of any variance of the same will be the sole responsibility of the Organizer




Accommodation – 5 Star

- 1 Room for the Artiste

- 3 Double occupancy rooms on a twin sharing basis for the rest of the team




All Hotel services (such as room service, food, non-alcoholic beverages, laundry, ironing, etc.), other than alcohol and tobacco consumption, is to be borne by the Organiser.



Please refer to 'Tech Rider' page on this website


Technicals/ Sound Check

A minimum of 90 minutes of Technicals will be required – this will include instrument set up and sound check. The Sound, Light, AV and SFx people need to be present during the rehearsal.



Stage size – a minimum of 20ft x 16ft to accommodate all musicians and equipment.



A DVD Player, Projector and a Projection Screen (big enough so that it can be viewed by the  entire audience present) would be desirable but left to the discretion of the Organizer.



Confetti, Pyros, Lasers etc. are all desirable elements which would enhance the show. But these are not essentials and is left to the discretion of the Organiser.



All Lights, Sound, AV & SFx arrangements to be made by the Organiser.


A performance contract needs to be signed between the Artiste and the Organiser upon confirmation.


(In the contract it must be mentioned that the Artiste will not be responsible for any Royalty issues re. the songs performed. If the Organiser has a problem with certain songs being performed, they must intimate the Artiste else the Artiste will not be held responsible/ liable for any Royalty charges which might arise due to the same)


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