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Friend vs. Parent

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

What are you more of?

“You are the worst parent” or “I hate you!!”. How often do we hear our kids accuse us of this!

No parent likes hearing these words but hey, if you are, take heart for you may be on the right path and doing something right! Do we want our kids approval all the time? Do we want them to get discipline and structure so as to arm them with values that will really help them later on in their life? What’s the balance? Friend vs. Parent . . .

Hop on to my musings on what might strike the right balance in this delicate mix

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1 Comment

Aditi Bhosle
Aditi Bhosle
Feb 18, 2023

This is definitely a tough one and I too quite often have fallen on either side of the fence - unfortunately. But it's good to have this in mind, at all times, so that we are aware and respond accordingly - from the correct role we're playing

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