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Kids . . . They are all ears!

Parenting things you know . . . But do you really??

We often talk to our friends or family about our kids - praising them or discuss their shortcomings. It’s great to get advise or perspective and all these trusted people are a great board to bounce our thoughts on. But how aware are we of how much is being heard by our kids? And more importantly, what the repercussions are on their personality?

Simple, innocuous statements like - she’s just like her father, always forgetting things OR I can always count on him to eat his food the fastest - has a bearing on their behaviour. In fact, they could even start behaving in the manner that you’ve described them - only after hearing you! Are we aware of this?

Hop on to my musings to get you thinking about - we should be careful about what we say for our kids are all ears!

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